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Link and Loop.

New Business Models for the Circular Economy

June 13th, 2018
Link and Loop Report 2018

2018 循環經濟發展技術研發國際研討會

2018 International Conference on the Circular Economy

循環經濟 (Circular Economy) 近年來在全球掀起參與熱潮,各國際大廠紛紛提出未來閉環式供應鏈藍圖及嶄新的設計提案;臺灣由於資源稀缺,政府與企業期望擺脫線性經濟思維,邁向新經濟商業模式的轉型與革新。經濟部工業局本年度舉辦「Link and Loop:循環經濟發展暨技術研發國際研討會」,特邀請來自國際組織、國際供應鏈大廠及臺灣重量級企業代表及專家,藉由產業對談及國際經驗交流與回饋,探討如何在「Linking Innovations and Closing Loops」的願景下,實踐循環經濟及創新技術研發之路。

Why Taiwan?

The world has slowly woken up to Taiwan’s rapid success in CE policies. This island nearly eliminated landfill waste, increased recycling five-fold, and created a billion dollar waste industry in less than 20 years. As a key part in the global supply-chain, the circular policies of global brands have real on the ground implications in Taiwan, and strong impacts on business.
We created something special, the first international business model focused conference on the circular economy hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), MOEA. Together we had 200+ participants, 60 businesses, 10 speakers, and 5 Taiwanese innovations. But a conference is more than numbers and business cards. People came together to share information and create new bonds to help build a stronger, more international, circular economy. Don’t leave these conversations in the meeting hall, reach out and let’s continue Linking Innovations and Closing Loops. 
Morning Session
Afternoon Session


Morning Session: The Importance of Branding


Sam Kimmins



Head of the RE100

Frank SHOU


Head of Environmental Initiatives,

Asia Pacific & Japan

Vivian TAI


Head of Asia Pacific & Japan Environmental

Affairs & Producer Responsibilities



Head of Sustainable Transport Solutions

in Asia & Oceania

Charles HUANG

Taiwan Circular Economy Network

Chairman of Taiwan

Circular Economy Network

Afternoon Session I: Innovative Model for the Circular Economy



Carbon Trust

Associate Director of Carbon Trust